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Spirit animals are guides and protectors from the spirit realm that can help out at various stages of your life. They can offer protection, bring warnings or help you find solutions to difficult life situations.

Have you thought about how it is possible for me to do remote readings via a phone call or just by looking at a picture?

For most “psychics or Mediums” their connections with you are not on this earthly plane or realm, or what we know as this reality of space and time. So, when I want to connect with you as client on the other side of the world, all I need to do is link my energy with yours, almost like connecting two ‘psychic computers’ over this ‘spiritual internet’.

This is the reason why I ask for your name and a recent picture of you where I can see your face. Then through the help of my Spiritual Team, I am able to tap into your energy and ask the animal realm if they have any messages for you.

Once the message is channeled, this will be emailed to you along with the message that was received.


An Energy Exchange of $16 is transferred via PayPal.


You'll send me your name, email address, and a photo of your beautiful face.


Through the help of my spiritual team, I will tap into your energy and ask any Animal Guides that have a message for you to step forward.


I will email you with a report detailing your message and information about your Animal Spirit Guide.

Request a Reading -Connect with your Animal Spirit Guide - Red Feather Healing


Submit your payment via PayPal.

*You may pay via your PayPal account, or any major credit card.
*After payment is received, you will be redirected to a Thank You page where you will be able to complete Step 2. If you are not redirected, please return to this page for Step 2.


Fill out the Client Information Form.

*This will take you to a Google Form where you can enter your information and upload your photo. *You must have a Google account/email address in order to use this form. If you do not, please email your name and photo to:  RFHealing333@ 



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"Tabatha's reading was spot on and all that was stated in my reading resonated with me 100%. Her reading allowed me to connect with my spirit animal and know which areas in my life I need to work on consistently. I highly recommend a reading!
Red Feather Healing: Healer and Facilitator -blending unique gifts of Animal communication, Norse Shamanic energy, as well as Crystal and Reiki healing in a unique way.
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