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The Ancient art of Smudging, or to burn sage, is common to many cultures in the world. From the rich frankincense that is burned by the Catholic Church and by many in the Middle East, to the heady incenses of Asia, the raw energy of burning sacred herbs is a practice that is alive in many cultures.

Smudging is an ancient, sacred ceremonial element that changes and shifts the air element. Cleansing your sacred space, your home or office, and even your body with the burning of sacred herbs is like taking an energetic shower of pure Divine Energy.

A cleansing of your space is performed when a shift of energy is needed to restore harmony and bring in peace. The smoke from dried sage has been shown to actually change the ionic composition of the air, having a direct effect on reducing our stress response.

Many people have their home cleansed and blessed once a year to get rid of any negative energy that has built up and to invite good energy and blessings into their home. However, there are many different reasons to have your space cleansed.

This is also something that I can teach you to reinforce, including the setting of new intentions for your home and a releasing ceremony for a fresh start, leaving your home feeling clean, balanced, and full of fresh new energy.

If you would like, your House Blessing Ceremony can include friends and family, and/or conclude with a house warming party.

Life is a Balance Between Holding On and Letting Go -Rumi Home Blessing & Cleansing Ceremony with Red Feather Healing, sage, Energy Cleansing


When would a Property Cleansing and Blessing Ceremony be beneficial?

᛫ Selling Your Home: Blessing the home at the time you list it for sale and prior to open houses. This will clear and correct energies that may deter a buyer and will instead project an inviting and welcoming energy to the prospective buyer.

᛫ Moving In: Moving into a new residence, house, apartment or work space.

᛫ Buying or Selling a Foreclosed Home: Heal, repair, and transform energy into your new home or business. Bring peace, harmony, prosperity.

᛫ Gatherings: Clearing and Blessing the home following housewarming parties or other social gatherings.

᛫ Remodeling: Clearing and Blessing a new room addition or remodeling project. Bless it before you start the project and clear and bless it upon completion to remove any negative energy and to integrate the new space into the home.

᛫ Baby: Bless the home to harmoniously welcome the arrival of a new baby or adopted child.

᛫ Disharmony: Clearing and Blessings should be done anytime there is disharmony in the home or neighborhood. (acts of violence, constant arguments, natural disasters)

᛫ Weddings: Clearing and Blessings can be done at other locations such as blessing the reception hall before the guests arrive.

᛫ Moving Out: Clearing and Blessings should be done before moving out of a residence to give thanks, clear attachments, to find completion and begin anew.

"Tabatha assisted me with the cleansing of my home. She is very thorough making sure it is done properly and even included everyone in the family, explaining things at each persons level making them feel comfortable. Tabatha definitely gives more than expected for her clients and her services go above and beyond!
South Carolina, USA
Life Transitions Ceremonies with Red Feather Healing


for homes 2000 square feet or less


for homes 2000 – 3500 square feet


for homes 3500 – 5000 square feet


for homes 5000 + square feet

$500.00 – $2000 

per business

I supply all the herbs, oil and salt for the ceremony.
Any Crystals that are needed will be an additional cost.

Travel & Mileage

᛫ I will travel up to 50 miles (round trip) with no additional charge (measured from 78233 zip code). Additional miles are charged at a rate of 55 cents a mile.

᛫ Locations that are over 135 miles one way from zip code 78233 will be charged at my all day fee of $750, plus $.55 per mile over. 

* Currently, our rates for travel are based on the IRS Standard Mileage Rates for 2018. Rates are subject to change in 2019.

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