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Expand and Heal- Meet Your Spirit Guides -Spiritual Journey with Red Feather Healing


During this interactive session we will go on a journey, as I communicate with other beings to bring you the healing message you are needing to hear.

A Journey Remembered- Meet Your Spirit Guides -Spiritual Journey with Red Feather Healing


During this interactive session, I will provide any messages from our spiritual teams. This comes with an offering that will be infused w/ healing energy from our session and sent to you.



Hello, and thank you for visiting Red Feather Healing. Tabatha is currently taking a leave of absence until further notice – at this time, no future appointments or events are being booked. Thank you for your understanding. Light and Love!!


During a DISTANCE Healing/Reading session, I will play music/chanting/singing in order to place my body into a trance and connect with your energy to start the journey. Once I travel to this alternate realm in the Spirit world, I call on your spirit guides/helpers; Animal, Ancestor, Arch Angel, Ascended Masters, and any other enlightened beings of the purest intention and for the highest good to deliver any messages they have. Once the message is delivered and translated, this will be discussed for any clarification that is needed.

Distance energy healing is extremely powerful, as energy is not bound by time or space. It can be felt across the Universe at anytime, anywhere. During a session, I utilize a variety of healing modalities once in the trance-like state, including, but not limited to; Norse-style Shamanic Reiki, Aura Cleansing, Chakra Cleansing and Balancing, Karmic Cleansing and Balancing and Crystal Healing. Your soul will tell a story which guides me and my healing modalities to go wherever we need to, in order to heal you.

Remember, the energy and messages come through me, not from me. Every session is completely different. You can never know or prepare for what will happen! My job is to simply watch, feel and listen, and then ‘assist’ you and the spirit guides to facilitate your unique healing process.

These sessions will be completed via ZOOM, because I find it much easier to connect to your soul’s energy after seeing you and playing the music. Before starting, I will give a brief refresh of how the session “should” go and then will start to record the session. After completion of the session, the link will be immediately emailed to you via DropBox, so you can easily download or save to re-listen at any time. If your session includes a memento of your journey, the healing energy will be infused prior to closing the session, sealed and mailed shortly after to the address you designate.

Walking the Path of the Ancient OnesMy own energy healing:
Before each session, I will conduct a cleansing on myself, and my space, so that I can provide the purest, most loving, and highest vibration of energy possible.

My commitment to honesty & authenticity:
My role is to facilitate this journey, so I will share everything I see, feel and hear during your session, even if it is not warm and fuzzy! The spirits and your energy don’t lie and I make it my top priority to not filter anything. You are coming to hear the truth, because it is what you deserve!

Since the messages I receive come from spirit while on a journey in a trance like state, I will have to write notes immediately upon returning so I do not forget what happened. These notes will be held in a locked file where only I can access them. Or you can choose to have them destroyed via fire.

Closing out energy healing sessions:
At the completion of your energy healing session, I ask that we both thank your guides and any spirit helpers that appeared to us during your journey. We will then infuse your memento with the energy of the session (if applicable), and close in a prayer to send you on your way with peace, acceptance and love.

Remember, when we acknowledge and honor our gifts, only then can we awaken the power of the Divine within! I look forward to facilitating your souls healing journey!

"I had the pleasure of going on a meditation journey with Tabatha. I had never experienced anything like it before and wasn't sure what to expect, but it was a wonderful experience! I felt totally comfortable and connected with Tabatha. It was an eye opening experience for me. I would highly recommend.
Red Feather Healing: Healer and Facilitator -blending unique gifts of Animal communication, Norse Shamanic energy, as well as Crystal and Reiki healing in a unique way.
California, USA
"It was a privilege to have experienced a long distance session with Tabatha. She took time to speak with me and made me feel comfortable before starting our mediation together. She guided me to a beautiful and safe place. She explained what she saw and much of it resonated with me. I actually didn't want it to end. I would not hesitate to book another session with her.
London, England
"Tabatha's connection with Divine Energy and her gifts is so beautiful, yall. She helped me to connect with and acknowledge several of my Spirit Guides during our session. The Chakra Balancing I received was exactly what I needed - AND, I felt it physically! I can't wait for our next session!