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The Last Sacred Journey with Red Feather Healing, Death Douala, Passing Ceremony

Do you have someone in your life who is terminally ill and facing the inevitable? Has a loved one recently passed and left you feeling lost and confused?

Death is a topic that most people avoid, yet it is something all beings have in common. Because we all share this inevitable outcome, it shouldn’t be seen as a tragedy or failure. Or a lost battle with disease. Instead, we want you to view death as the spirit breaking free of its physical limitations and embarking upon the next phase of existence. Death is one of the sacred rites of passage, no matter how sad we might feel about losing the physical presence of someone we love.

My Spiritual Team and I are here to assist all through their dying process. Based in Ceremonies and Rituals of Ancient Celtic Seiðr traditions, I will use a unique blend of healing modalities to bring reconciliation and peace to the person dying and their loved ones. Through this transition and change we will step into ceremony, hold sacred space and practice rites of passage that honor the chapters and changes in your loved one’s life.

My goal is to provide compassionate conversation, education and preparation for your loved one’s end of life specific to their dying needs. Through the creation of these individualized ceremonies, those going through the process of dying will be able to walk with courage on the challenging path of their Last Sacred Journey in Physical Form.

Through this process I am not about taking away sadness…this is an extremely sad moment, event, journey! During this time, my spiritual team and I make sure that you and your family have as little fear and anxiety surrounding this transition as possible, and that your loved one is afforded the opportunity for their soul to release from their body with ease and grace…the way they want!

“My intention is to use all of my gifts to guide my clients further along their path toward their Divine Purpose. This will look different for every being, because we are all so unique.” 

Services by Red Feather Healing

Tabatha is a Facilitator and Healer, with a strong Ancestral past as a Völva. She blends the ancient practice of Seiðr with her gifts of Animism Communication and Elemental Healing in a unique way.
She has been led to use her gifts to create truly unique Ceremonies, deeply interwoven with Spirit Guidance, and has become ordained through The Universal Life Church.


My purpose is to be with your loved one until death. I am there to assist their passage from this world to the next.

There are three different areas within this process that I will address:

The first involves the dying person reflecting on their life and planning for how they envision their last days unfolding. The second centers on holding the space for that plan of those last days. The third and final part begins after the person transitions. My work then focuses on family and friends as they process their experiences of the passing and begin their work on grieving.

One of the most important things during this time is that I am able to actively engage the one who is transitioning and have them participate in the entire process. It gives them a voice that often is denied to them. I will be asking a lot of who, what, how, and where questions. Who do you want at your bedside as you transition? What music would you like to hear? What type of bed would you like to be in, hospital or your own? Where would you like the bed? Doulas ask a lot of questions but more importantly they listen to what the dying want and need and do whatever they can to fulfill their requests.

After your loved one’s transition, I am there to assist the family as well. With me there I am able to help family and friends to understand more about the dying process and what some of the issues are that they and their loved one could be facing.

Benefits to individuals and families include:

♥ Increased sense of control through loved ones transition
♥ Better symptom management
♥ Greater emotional and spiritual support
♥ Respite for family caregivers
♥ Easier period of grief for families after the death of their loved one

At each step, I truly listen to your needs and desires and make your wants my own, with the goal of guiding your loved one toward their best possible end-of-life experience.

The cost of my end-of-life packages range from $895-$3500, depending on your family’s needs and the extent of services provided.

Travel & Mileage

᛫ I will travel up to 50 miles (round trip) with no additional charge (measured from 78233 zip code). Additional miles are charged at a rate of 55 cents a mile.
᛫ Locations that are over 135 miles one way from zip code 78233 may incur additional fees. 
* Currently, our rates for travel are based on the IRS Standard Mileage Rates for 2018. Rates are subject to change in 2019.

All the work that I do is done with the intention of being respectful to the individual being and to do my work with their permission. Without the permission of another, I can do no work – this means I need express, informed consent of the client who is alive and conscious. In the case of a comatose patient or an animal being, the permission can come from the family; then (and only then) their soul may be contacted for their permission. When doing work for children under the age of 18, the permission of both parents/guardians is required.

An opportunity to discuss how I can support you and your loved ones during their transition.


Planning topic of your choosing.


I can meet you in your home or a neutral location to begin developing a sacred ceremony or a Legacy Project.

I will travel within a 50-mile radius from zip code 78233 for free. Travel outside of the 20-mile radius will be charged going rate per mile.


4 hours of support in private home, care home, or hospital. This package offers discounted support for many different needs. What if loved ones reach a point of fatigue and need some rest? Perhaps you want to work on your Ceremony or start a Legacy Project. *Can be broken into four one-hour sessions.


Three 2-hour sessions in a place of your choosing.

When I am able to spend time with your dying loved one, while they still have energy to talk, a relationship can develop and trust is established. Establishing trust also allows us to facilitate emotional movement when your loved one encounters emotional distress.


Included in the package:
1. Initial consultation by phone or in person
2. Home visits or phone appointments on an ongoing basis focusing on Life Review, Ceremony and Legacy Planning.
3. Daily visits once transition begins (determined by hospice/medical team). We will check-in daily for at least one hour as necessary (determined by Client/Client Caregiver). We will mentor the family on how to utilize the Ceremony Plan (if created) and see where support is needed.

Whether you yourself are facing a terminal diagnosis or you are ready to move forward in remembering a loved one who has already passed on, I am here to help. My Spiritual Team and I will evaluate the tasks at hand and support your storing, archiving or even showcasing these possessions and mementos. We seek to reaffirm the story of your life while lifting a weight off your shoulders, or those of your loved ones.


This can be a cost-effective way to determine how best to tackle your organizational needs. We’ll discuss where you are with your current needs and where you want to be. You’ll come away with a better understanding of what needs to be done and how we will get it done.


This visit will include an initial visual assessment of what needs organizing, a determination of who will do the work and how, a bevy of local resources to utilize, and will result in receiving an active management plan plus a reasonable timeline.

I will travel within a 50-mile radius from zip code 78233 for free. Travel outside of the 20-mile radius will be charged going rate per mile.


I will meet with you to determine what your needs are, develop a management plan and timeline, as well as devote 1-2 hours to initial organization (which can include storage container shopping, curating local resources and providing support for phone-calls made to local storage units, and/or packing).

I will travel within a 50-mile radius from zip code 78233 for free. Travel outside of the 20-mile radius will be charged going rate per mile.


These support sessions can include: storage system creation, archiving personal mementos, packing/moving boxes and crates.

I will travel within a 50-mile radius from zip code 78233 for free. Travel outside of the 20-mile radius will be charged going rate per mile.


Up to 20 hours included:
1. Initial consultation.
2. Home visits and phone appointments on an ongoing basis can include:
– Emotional, spiritual and/or physical support
– In-person material artifact review
– Coaching client through what to keep, gift, donate, store, sell, and/or showcase
– Co-creation of management plan and timeline 
– Assistance with packing/storing/moving belongings
– Developing Legacy Projects and/or showcasing of personal memorabilia
– Support of family members and loved ones

Rainbow Bridge Ceremony for your pet by Red Feather Healing

Understanding that dying is a part of all Beings’ lives, we also provide services for our companion animals and all animals passing. My Spiritual Team and I are here to hold space and make sure that you and your family have as little fear and anxiety surrounding this transition as possible. CLICK HERE to contact me for specifics on creating a compassionate and inclusive culture for the end of life of your beloved pet.

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