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Connect to Your Animal Spirit Guide - Red Feather Healing

Connect to your Animal Spirit Guide

Duration varies • $16

I will channel your energy in order to help introduce you to one of your Animal Spirit Guides. This will be emailed to you along with a message, so that you can begin forging this new relationship.

Expand and Heal

Expand & Heal

1 hour • $80

During this interactive session we will go on a journey, as I communicate with other beings to bring you the healing message you are needing to hear.

A Journey Remembered

A Journey Remembered

1 hour • $135

During this interactive session, I will provide any messages from our spiritual teams. This comes with an offering that will be infused w/ healing energy from our session and sent to you.

Home Blessing and Cleansing Service - Red Feather Healing

Home Blessing

Price Varies

Your home reflects and affects how you live your life. When it’s cleansed and blessed, it becomes a safe haven of warmth and protection.

Wedding Services by Red Feather Healing

Wedding Services

Price Varies

I am ordained through the Universal Life church, and I believe in the connection through Love of all people. I welcome, honor, and serve all people from all walks of life. Let me create a truly unique experience for you and your partner that will withstand the test of time! 

Life Transition Ceremonies with Red Feather Healing

Life Transitions & Celebrations

Price Varies

Through this interactive process, my Spiritual team and I are able to suggest meaningful ways to personalize your transition through many of life’s changes and challenges using varying ceremonial practices. We cater to major life events that honor changes in status or identity.

Passing Ceremonies, Death Douala, The Next Sacred Journey - with Red Feather Healing

The Last Sacred Journey

Price Varies

I am here to assist as your loved one’s journey from this world to the next. Through this service my Spiritual Team and I holistically (emotionally and spiritually) guide your loved one through their transition with empowering End of Life Ceremonies. 

Rainbow Bridge Ceremony - Creating the Rainbow Bridge for your Pet - With Red Feather Healing

Creating the Rainbow Bridge

Price Varies

Crossing over ceremonies for our beloved animal companions.
“Allow yourself to shed the tears of love and find ways to memorialize and celebrate your pet that are wholly personal to you and as unique as the bond you shared.”– Ute